The holiday resort Valle Gran Rey

The holiday resort Valle Gran Rey

Valle Gran Rey is the most popular area on La Gomera and the tourist centre of the island: "Valley of the Great King".

The beautiful holiday resort Valle Gran Rey is divided into several small districts: La Playa, La Puntilla, La Calera, Vueltas, Borbalan, El Guro, Casa de la Seda and the tiny villages in the upper valley of Valle Gran Rey. The upper valley includes Los Granados, El Retamal, Lomo del Moral and other small villages such as La Rinconada. Since most tourists want to stay near the beach, we have the most accommodations in the lower districts like La Playa, Vuelta, La Puntilla or Borbalan. If you prefer to live a little more isolated, we recommend the districts El Guro or Los Granados and El Retamal. These are a little further up, but by car you can get to the beach in a few minutes and often the accommodations are cheaper.

About 4300 people (in 2019) live in Valle Gran Rey, a quarter of which are foreigners, mostly German. In the 1970s and 1980s, Valle Gran Rey was a paradise for honeymooners, attracting hippies from all over the world. A bit of this flair can still be experienced today. The smell of incense escapes many a small shop. The Valle Gran Rey also has the most beautiful beaches on La Gomera.There are lots of great restaurants for every taste, three bathing beaches that can be used all year round. Since July 2017 there are some ferry connections between the capital San Sebastian via Playa Santiago to the Valle Gran Rey, which makes the journey much easier.

Nevertheless, Valle Gran Rey has still largely preserved its tranquillity. Especially in the upper valley such as in the districts of El Guro or El Retamal where life is as always very original and typical Canarian. Even though it is already more turbulent in the lower valley than a few years ago - it cannot be compared to the tourist invasions on the large neighbouring island of Tenerife!

The symbol of Valle Gran Rey is the large statue of the “Guanche” warrior "Hautacuperche" on the beach of La Puntilla. The beach promenade of La Playa or the flower-filled alleys of La Calera, Vueltas or Borbalán invite you to take romantic photographs.

In Valle Gran Rey you will find small supermarkets, several bakeries, a lot of small boutiques, an artisan market, several bicycle hire shops, as well as at least three vendors for guided hikes such as TIMAH which also offer tours for three people or more. In addition, you can book Whale-Watching tours with various companies - we recommend the company "Oceano" which offered respectful Whale-Watching with small boats and skilled guides.

In Valle Gran Rey you have sun all year round, also during the winter months December to end of February. Further information about the weather on La Gomera can be found on our website.

A popular hike up to Arure or El Cercado can be started from the doorstep. Further beautiful walks begin a little further up, on the height of the El Guro district.

Here you will find our complete selection of holiday homes and apartments in Valle Gran Rey.

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