The holiday resort Valle Gran Rey

The holiday resort Valle Gran Rey

The most famous place on La Gomera is also the tourist centre of the island: The Valle Gran Rey in the sunny (south-) west of the island. Here it is sunny almost all year round and the average temperature is around pleasant 21 degrees. Valle Gran Rey means "Valley of the great king" - meaning Hupalupa, a famous and very powerful king of the Gomeros.

Valle Gran Rey is about 35 km² and consists of 14 different small and partly scattered villages. The most famous in the lower valley are probably La Playa, La Puntilla, La Calera, Vueltas and Borbalan. The upper valley includes the villages of El Guro, Casa de la Seda, Los Granados, El Retamal, Lomo del Moral and other small settlements such as La Rinconada. Each district has its own charm. However, since most tourists want to live near the sea, we have the most accommodations in the lower districts such as La Playa, Vueltas, La Puntilla or Borbalan. For those who prefer a more quiet neighbourhood, we recommend the districts of La Calera, El Guro or Los Granados and El Retamal. These are a bit further up the valley, but you can reach the sea in a few minutes by car and often the accommodation there is much cheaper. It is also worth mentioning that the weather is a little cooler in the higher valley than down at the coast. Most of the Gomera-insiders don't care about that, as it is a little more authentic and less touristy further up.

According to Wikipedia (as of 2019), 4.564 people live in Valle Gran Rey, a good quarter of whom are German emigrants and other foreigners. In the 1970s and 80s Valle Gran Rey was considered a drop-out paradise and attracted hippies and from all over the world. You can still experience a little of this flair today.

Valle Gran Rey has developed into a pretty little tourist centre. There are many good restaurants, three beaches, lots of tour operators and many individual accommodations.

Nevertheless, Valle Gran Rey has essentially retained its peace and tranquillity, even in the high season. Especially in the upper part of the valley - as well as in the districts El Guro, Casa de la Seda and El Retamal - life has always been very original and typically Canarian. Even if it is already more turbulent in the lower valley than a few years ago - it cannot be compared with the tourist strongholds on the big neighbouring islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura! The main season on La Gomera is traditionally between mid-December and mid-April, as many people want to escape the German winter and get some sun. During this time it is also not so easy to find cheap accommodation, the same applies to the holiday periods. Here we recommend booking your accommodation early!

The most famous landmark of Valle Gran Rey is the big statue of the Guanche warrior "Hautacuperche" on the beach of La Puntilla. The beach promenade of La Playa or the winding, flower-decorated alleys of La Calera, Vueltas or Borbalán are romantic photo motifs.

Since July 2017, there are (more or less) regular ferry connections between the capital San Sebastián via Playa Santiago to Valle Gran Rey, which makes the journey much easier.

In Valle Gran Rey you will find, besides the gastronomic restaurants on almost every corner, several supermarkets, two bakeries, many small boutiques and cafés, a handicraft market, several organic shops and a lot of tour operators. All year round there are hiking, cycling and whale watching tours.

Here you will find our complete selection of holiday homes and apartments in Valle Gran Rey.