The holiday resort San Sebastian

The harbour in San Sebastian La Gomera

In 1440, Hernán Peraza occupied the place where the island's capital now stands, more precisely at the end of the Barranco de la Villa ravine. He gave the then unknown place the name "San Sebastián".

The dreamy island capital San Sebastian de La Gomera, located in the east, is the largest settlement on La Gomera with 9000 inhabitants. Without doubt it is also a very historical town.

In San Sebastian you can learn a lot about the history of La Gomera. About the capital of La Gomera there are still many myths and tales. According to these myths, Christopher Columbus sailed from here to India in 1492 and discovered America rather by chance.

The archaeological island museum is located right next to the 15th century church Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. In the "Torre del Conde" in the city park of the same name, as well as in the building of the tourist information office, there are smaller but very interesting exhibitions.

The island is connected to the neighbouring islands of Tenerife and La Palma via the ferry port, which has over 300 berths and is the gateway to the entire island. Since July 2017 there are two ferries from San Sebastian via Playa Santiago to Valle Gran Rey.

In San Sebastian de La Gomera there are many cosy bars, restaurants and a lot of small shops and shops. Here you can breathe a little "city air". Nevertheless, our small island capital is very contemplative and quiet. Without any hectic you can stroll through the pretty pedestrian zone or enjoy a day at one of the two city beaches. Here you can swim in the Atlantic all year round, because in San Sebastian the sun shines (almost) always.

You can also drive up to the "Hotel Parador" and enjoy the great view from the park-like garden of the hotel over the whole city.

The nature reserve Puntallana with its small chapel and the nature park of Majona are as interesting destinations as the towns of Chejelipes and La Laja with their reservoirs.

If you are on holiday on La Gomera, you should definitely take your time for the 107 km² small and historical capital of the island. And if it is only for shopping or relaxing - San Sebastian is always worth a trip.

Also in the capital San Sebastian we have some selected and individual accommodations for you.