The holiday resort Playa Santiago

The beach in Playa Santiago La Gomera

The small fishing village Playa Santiago belongs administratively to Alajeró and has about 1000 inhabitants. Playa Santiago is located in the very South of La Gomera. Here the sun constantly shines (with rare exceptions), so that visitors or guests can swim in the sea and enjoy their holidays during the whole year.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the small village experienced a boom by the cultivation of agricultural products such as bananas and tomatoes. For this reason the port was extended accordingly. At the beginning of the 90's however - with a growing tourism - agriculture lost its traditional importance.

The centre of the village is the "Plaza del Carmen" with its high, shady Indian laurel trees. A very special atmosphere lies above this square - calm, relaxed and serene. The ideal place to relax!

The beach of Playa Santiago has received the "Blue Flag" several times in a row, an award for "Sustainable Tourism" – focusing on environmental management, service quality and water quality. But beware, the undercurrents at the beach should not be underestimated, especially in the winter months.

There are several good bars, cafés and restaurants in Playa Santiago. Especially the delicious fresh fish dishes in "Junonia" or the pizzas at "Don Tomate" on the beach promenade are recommended. In the legendary beach bar "La Chalana" you can enjoy good food, music and the sun.

Of course there are several supermarkets, a pharmacy and (a little outside) a gas station in the village and also a local post office.

To the East and above Playa Santiago lies the famous Hotel “Jardin Tecina” - a very unique, sophisticated world of its own with several restaurants, pool and sports facilities as well as an 18-hole golf course.

Playa Santiago is also a good starting point for some interesting hiking tours: Via Imada you can reach the Garajonay (highest mountain of the island) or along the Southern coast via the holiday resort "El Cabrito" up to the island´s capital San Sebastian.

Those who want to reach Playa Santiago directly by plane will find the small airport of La Gomera (only 2 km west of the town) that offers fast connections to other canarian islands and to the Spanish mainland. Since only few and small machines can approach the airport, the aircraft noise is very low.

There are also regular and direct ferry connections to the holiday resort Valle Gran Rey and to the capital San Sebastián de La Gomera - the small port is clear and easy to reach.

In Playa Santiago you won't find many, but very nice holiday accommodations. A small selection of selected holiday accommodations in the idyllic fishing village can be found on our website.