The holiday resort Hermigua

The holiday resort Hermigua on La Gomera

Hermigua is a still untouched pearl on La Gomera, which still has to be discovered. Many tourists who want to escape the (relaxed) hustle and bustle of Valle Gran Rey have now discovered Hermigua for themselves. The weather has been almost as stable as in the south of the island in the last few years and it is also much greener in the north than on the other side of the island.

Accommodation in Hermigua

In Hermigua many things seem even more authentic - including the accommodation. The holiday homes in Hermigua often have a much better price-performance ratio than in the south. There are not many flats and apartments in Hermigua. Most of them are spacious holiday homes, which are lovingly furnished and idyllically embedded in the evergreen nature of Hermigua. Many accommodations also have a small terrace, a small garden or a balcony with sea view. It is also striking that Hermigua still has an above-average number of "Casa Rurales" - original and typical Canarian cottages, which have been restored with great attention to detail.

Since Hermigua is our "home port", we have a correspondingly large selection of holiday homes, holiday houses and flats on offer for you. Whether you are looking for accommodation in the upper or lower valley of Hermigua, we always have something suitable for you. Especially in the high season, which runs from the end of December until Easter, we recommend booking your accommodation early.

The green valley of the island

The green valley of Hermigua stretches over a length of about 7 kilometres, with the National Park behind it, down to the sea. Hermigua is located in the northeast of La Gomera and its nearly  are spread over 19 small hamlets scattered on the left and right of the valley on the hillside.

Part of the National Park and the hamlet of El Cedro also belong to the 41km² municipal area. Hermigua is fed all year round by the small river "Rio del Cedro" and is therefore the valley with the most water and the greenest valley of the whole island. Hermigua still lives mainly from agriculture - the mostly sunny terraces are planted with bananas, avocados, papayas, mangos and vegetables, which can be harvested up to three times a year.

In addition to agriculture, a gentle, sustainable tourism has been developing here in recent years. The guests are usually accommodated individually in a so-called "Casa rural" (traditional country house), a corresponding holiday flat or flat. The choice of beautiful accommodations in Hermigua is much more diverse than in Valle Gran Rey, for example. Moreover, life in the north of the island is even more authentic, the people are very friendly and the accommodation is considerably cheaper than, for example, in the (south) west of the island.

In the upper valley, just after entering the village, there is a small supermarket and a very good restaurant, the "Las Chacaras". A little further down there is the supermarket "Hermigua", where you can get fresh and good fruits and vegetables. In addition, there is now a well-assorted organic food shop in Hermigua.

The main business life takes place in the lower valley, in the immediate vicinity of the main road. There are two bakeries, a supermarket, several banks with ATM machines, a tourist information centre, a small fitness centre, a pharmacy, the medical centre, the petrol station and much more.

Cafés, bars and restaurants can also all be found in the area around the main street. For fish lovers, "El Faro" is definitely recommended, "Telemaco" at the yellow church offers a varied menu and now and then live music. Also the terrace café & tapabar "Pedro" offers everything from morning bocadillo (sandwiches), good cake and tapas - also here you can find live music from time to time.

Hermigua is a very beautiful and varied hiking area - from the National Park "Garajonay" down to the Playa de la Caleta and further on, as well as over to the neighbouring valley of Los Aceviños and La Palmita, this hiking area offers the hiker a lot of variety in different degrees of difficulty. The pleasant climate here in the north-east offers very good conditions for hiking and biking all year round.

In the winter months the Atlantic Ocean is usually much too rough and stormy for swimming here. This impressive spectacle is then better enjoyed from the beach. The nearest beach is in nearby San Sebastían, the journey takes less than half an hour. In the summer months it is different - then a swim at the Playa de la Caleta or in the basin of the former loading station for fish catchers, the natural swimming pool, the "Pescante de Hermigua" is a wonderful pleasure.