The holiday resort Alojera

The sun-drenched little village Alojera on La Gomera

The sun-drenched little village of Alojera is located in the north-west of La Gomera and belongs to the region of Vallehermoso. Alojera has only about 400 inhabitants and stretches from the black beach up to about 400m above sea level. Far away from the big roads, the locals lead a quiet, tranquil life without mass tourism.

Alojera is the village of palm trees: nowhere else on La Gomera has so many endemic date-palms. The palm trees are also the economic base for the village. The "Guarapo", which the "Palmeros" tap from the tops of the palm trees, produces "Miel de Palma" palm syrup and is sold in several small craft workshops in Alojera. The palmtree juice is boiled down until a sweet syrup is produced, which tastes great on desserts of all kinds. "Miel de Palma" is also the basic ingredient for "Gomerón" liquor - a mixture of "Parra", the Gomeran grape spirit and palmtree syrup. Delicious! The small "Miel de Palma" museum in Alojera shows visitors how to make this specialty.

Visit the small factory of "El Masape" in Alojera. Typical biscuits are baked and the delicious "Mojos" are made for Gomera's shops. In the tiny sales outlet of "El Masape" you can taste these delicacies and of course purchase them. And if you ask nicely, you can take a look behind the scenes.

Within a short drive from Alojera you are in the National Park "Garajonay", the green roof of the island, with its countless hiking trails. Also the nearby hamlets Taguluche, Tazo and Cubaba are worth a visit. The old ruins of Cubaba-Costa in the countryside are very picturesque and the secluded "Playa de Trigo" invites you to marvel and discover.