The holiday resort Agulo

The place Agulo on La Gomera

Agulo - "The" Bonbon of La Gomera "is considered to be the most beautiful village on the island.

Picturesque, it’s on a plateau about 250m above the Atlantic, in the west it’s surrounded by steeply rising red rock walls, and to the east with a view of the Peak of “Teide” of the neighbouring island of Tenerife. The closed settlement of the village, founded in the 1920s, is unique in the Canaries. With its cobbled streets and narrow winding alleys, which are grouped around the church, Agulo reminds us of a northern European medieval village.

Agulo has only got about 1000 inhabitants and is a very original, quiet and tranquil village with gentle tourism. Agriculture still plays an important role. The locals cultivate potatoes, vegetables and bananas, mainly for their own needs.

A very special highlight is the "Fiesta de San Marco". Every year on April 24th, wood piles are built around the village church and lit. Then the young men of the village jump over the fire. The origin of this centuries-old tradition is not completely known. It is thought to be a forgotten custom of the indigenous people of the island, the “Guanches”. When the Spaniards christianized the island in the 15th century, the fire was consecrated to the patron Saints Agulos and Marco. Since then, in Agulo, this day has been celebrated with a large village fest.

The Visitor Centre"Juego de Bolas" is located in the neighbouring village of Las Rosas at an altitude of 700m.

Visitors will learn a lot about the origin and history of the island, as well as about the unique flora on La Gomera and volcanism. There are also some traditional workshops that offer their traditional products.

A half-hour hike (or 5 minutes by car) takes you from the visitor centre across the red terrain to the "Mirador de Abrante" - high above Agulo, it is something unique. From the can you walk into a seven-meter-long "glass tunnel", which extends far beyond the rocky projection. You have the feeling of floating 600m above the Atlantic. The view from up there is fantastic!