Things to do in La Gomera

Things to do  La Gomera Whale Watching

You can do a lot of things on La Gomera. The paradise island of La Gomera is not only a haven of peace and tranquillity – it is also a great place to enjoy any number of different leisure activities. Especially popular are the unforgettable hiking and trekking tours on offer – with or without a guide – which give you the chance to discover the stunning evergreen laurel forest and the spectacular valleys and gorges to be found in this area, each one unique in character. The terrain here is also perfect for mountainbike tours.

Undoubtedly the best to explore the beauties of the sea and the coast around La Gomera is to take advantage of the many attractive Whale Watching trips, hikes and bike tours provided by the various operators here. And for a really special experience, why not go on one of the whale or dolphin-spotting trips organised by organisations committed to sustainable tourism, such as M.E.E.R. e. V. or atlantic-care.

The choice of sporting activities on offer does not just end there, however – divers and snorkelers can also enjoy a fantastic volcanic underwater world with crystal-clear waters and vast swarms of fish. You can even go swimming or kayaking here or take to the skies in a paraglider to enjoy the stunning beauty of the wild, romantic valleys from above. There are also small riding-stables in Las Rosas and in El Cedro – always extremely popular among families with children.

For aspiring golfers La Gomera’s high-calibre golf course at the Hotel Tecina is just the place to practise that swing. Still looking for something to do? Then Valle Gran Rey also has a sports and health centre, »La Fortaleza« where you can do fitness training, either with or without a professional instructor. This popular resort also offers a wide range of wellness facilities, the best-known being the »Gomera Lounge« in La Playa. Last but not least, you can also take part in one of the many other activities going on on the island, including workshops where you can learn how to play the drums, or try pottery or painting. There are even pilates and yoga classes or the opportunity to learn meditation or coaching. Make the most of your stay in La Gomera - and enjoy getting active!

Tour operators in La Gomera

Combine your holiday on La Gomera with exciting and adventurous activities. Cruise out to sea in a typical Canarian fishing boat and observe the whales and dolphins around La Gomera coast. In the last years more than 23 different species have been sighted and the chance of sighting is over 90%. Or take a guided hike through the unique Garajonay National Park and explore the mountains and valleys of the island. On La Gomera you can also go diving and snorkeling. The untouched underwater world and the crystal clear water offer optimal conditions for this. If you are planning a holiday on the second smallest island of the Canary Islands, you should definitely take part in a bicycle tour or rent an e-bike. If this is not enough, you can also make a guided sailing tour around the Canary Islands. At Canarianfeeling you will find all the tour providers on La Gomera.

Hiking on La Gomera
Bike tours La Gomera
Whale Watching tours

Whale Watching with Oceano

Whale Watching on La Gomera Oceano

The sustained whale watching provider Oceano has been going out to sea for 20 years with small, typically Canarian fishing boats to observe the marine mammals.

The emphasis is on respectful whale watching - i.e. they want to disturb the animals minimally. You won't find an animation program at Oceano, it is 3-4 hours exclusively about the animals and their habitat. In order to make it an unforgettable experience for every guest, Oceano carries a maximum of 10 guests per trip. In addition, there is always an expert and trained whale watching guide or even a marine biologist on board. OCEANO is a licensed whale watching provider with the yellow flag "Barco Azul" and operates according to the legal whale watching regulations of the Canary Islands Government.

The sea in the southwest of La Gomera offers a unique variety of marine mammals in Europe. 23 different dolphin and whale species have been sighted and identified here in the last 20 years. The most common species, which can be seen almost all year round, are the bottlenose dolphin, the spotted dolphin and the pilot whale. But also the big whales like the Bryde whale, the Sei whale, the Sperm whale and also rare species like the Cuvier's beaked whale can be found here regularly on the west coast of the island.

Over the year the sighting rates of the provider are about 90%. Oceano has been working for many years with the non-profit association M.E.E.R. eV, which uses Oceano's boats as a research and sighting platform and collects sighting data on each trip.

The results and evaluations of the research work can be viewed free of charge in the exhibition rooms of the M.E.E.R. eV, which are located in the basement of the Oceano offices. If you want to learn more about the marine mammals and their habitat, you can attend an informative and lively lecture every Monday in the Oceano lecture rooms. It lasts about 1,5 hours and costs 4,00€ per person (families pay 10,00€). A registration is not necessary and it always starts at 18:00 o'clock. You will find the office and the showrooms of the provider in the beautiful holiday resort Valle Gran Rey, close to the harbour in Vueltas.

Whale Watching with Amazonia

Whale Watching on La Gomera Amazonia

The small but very comfortable whale watching boat AMAZONIA has been offering whale watching trips off the coast of Valle Gran Reys for 10 years. It has space for a maximum of 12 people.

The former fisherman and captain of the boat, Juan José, knows the waters and every good whale watching spot off the coast of Valle Gran Rey like the back of his hand. A multilingual guide on board tells you many useful things about the different whale and dolphin species, the Atlantic and the island of La Gomera. You will notice that the AMAZONIA team is enthusiastic and passionate about their work!

The trips last about 3 hours. A swimming break with homemade vegetarian paella and ice-cold drinks included in the price completes the program.

In the rear and front part of the boat you have comfortable sitting and lying possibilities, so that the trip becomes a very relaxed adventure for the whole family. In addition, there is a shady sunroof at the back of the boat, which is especially appreciated by the guests in summer. Of course there is also a toilet on board.

The AMAZONIA cruises out to sea twice a day from Monday to Saturday to observe the whales and dolphins off the coast of La Gomera. Reservations can be made directly at the port of Vueltas (Valle Gran Rey), where the Whale Watching Team has a small shop with price information and current departure times.

Whale Watching with Speedy

Whale Watching on La Gomera Speedy

Speedy Adventure is a modern rubber dinghy, which has space for a total of 12 people and it is located at the port of Valle Gran Rey. The 12 meter long and 4 meter wide Speedy is equipped with 2 quiet high performance engines, each with 350 hp. Thus one can overcome long distances in relatively short time problem-free.

Since a rubber dinghy swings less than a "normal" boat, it is especially suitable for people who have problems with seasickness. Speedy has almost no draft, so that you are very close to the whales and dolphins in case of a sighting.

We offer normal whale watching tours and excursions to the famous Los Organos rocks in the north of the island La Gomera. If the weather conditions are good, Speedy also offers a complete round trip around the island and is therefore the only boat that offers this possibility in Valle Gran Rey.

After the Whale Watching Tour you drive towards the coast for a relaxing swim, often in the idyllic bay of La Cantera, below Alajeró.

Whale Watching with Tina Excursiones

Whale Watching on La Gomera Tina

The 24 meter long and spacious whale watching boat Excursiones TINA has been offering whale watching excursions along the coast of Valle Gran Rey since 1996.

Thanks to various sun and shade decks with enough seating and three toilets, TINA Excursiones offers its guests a lot of comfort for relaxing trips on the Atlantic Ocean.

From the top deck you have the opportunity to observe the whales and dolphins off La Gomera's coast. And the chances are not bad, as La Gomera is one of the best whale watching spots in Europe. During the almost 4-hour trip, the TINA anchors in an idyllic bay and spoils its guests with fresh tuna, salads and Papas Arrugadas. Here the guests also have the opportunity to cool off in the crystal clear water and snorkel a little.

In addition to the regular daily whale watching trips, Excursiones TINA also offers trips to the famous Los Organos Rocks in the north of La Gomera. These are however strongly weather-dependent, since it can become windy and wavy at the north coast often.

Excursiones TINA on La Gomera was accepted by the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in 2011 and also operates under the Barco Azul. It is therefore a matter of course for the crew to approach the animals in a respectful manner.

Hiking and trekking tours

Hiking with Timah Trekking

Hiking La Gomera with Timah Trekking

Timah in Valle Gran Rey has been organising individual and varied hikes in small groups in the untouched and impressive regions of the island since 1988.

At Timah, experienced hiking guides accompany nature and culture lovers to remote corners of the magical island far away from mass tourism in a world rich in culture and botanical rarities.

On the trilingual website of the hiking tour provider Timah, a carefully designed island hiking program offers something for every taste. Whether walker, hiking fan or rather the comfortable type who prefers to see sights comfortably from the window of a bus: With Timah, holidaymakers are spoilt for choice.

The most famous tour is the hike through the famous Magic forest. Here they explore the laurel forest with its moss-covered trees, mostly wrapped in mystical wafts of mist. Hikers with a desire for a bit of ascent and descent can book the Rainforest Tour, which leads over the highest point of La Gomera, the Pico de Garajonay, with fantastic views down to the green heart of the island. Those who are curious will learn a lot about agriculture during the North Coast Tour and can sniff out the healthiest climate in the world in Hermigua. If you don't want to walk so much and would like to get an overall view of the island with the most important sights, you can join the island tour. Wild herb fans get to know the medicinal and cultivated plants of La Gomera during a leisurely hike with the renowned Timah "herb witch". Besides there is also a hike to the the Gomeros native holy fortress "Argoday", better known to many as table mountain Fortaleza, or an exploration of the beautiful wild northwest on 800 meters height with breathtaking views over the adjacent coast.

If all this is not demanding enough for you, you can book one of the weekly alternating hiking tours such as the "The Dolomite Path", "Skywalk" or "The Ridge Path". These spectacular hikes in an impressive landscape are reserved for "fitter" hikers with their proper ascents and descents of up to 500 metres.

Who does not spend at all in the Valle Gran Rey, but close Playa Santiago its vacation, does not have to do without the professional support of Timah. 5 times a week the renowned hiking guide picks up his customers in Santiago or at the Hotel Tecina. In addition to the hikes already presented, the local hiking enthusiasts can even book another tour, the "Photo Safari with Pleasure Hikes". In addition to the most beautiful sights on the island, it also includes a stopover in the historic old town of San Sebastian.

On all tours the hikers receive detailed explanations about the unique fauna and flora as well as other special features of the island. During almost all excursions you can enjoy the Canarian cuisine with its local delicacies.

Hiking with Oekotours

Hiking tours with Oekotours La Gomera

Oekotours offers walks and hikes on the island of La Gomera, accompanied by a local biologist. Dipl.-Biologist Dieter Scriba, owner and hiking guide, will not only show you the most beautiful parts of the island, he can also give you a lot of profound knowledge about the different animal and plant species of the island La Gomera.

The hikes often take place in small groups off the beaten track. Dieter attaches great importance to the personal care of his guests and will be happy to put together an individual hiking programme for your holiday, tailored to your needs.

Every hike is different and unique. The nature-enthusiastic tourists are guided by Oekotours through the most different landscapes and vegetation zones of the island. Dieter can tell you something about every plant species and every rock formation. He has lived on La Gomera for almost 20 years and knows the island like the back of his hand. "The hikes are selected in such a way that different plant formations can be seen depending on the tour," ecologist Dieter Scriba explains the eco-tour strategy. Hikes for hobby hikers, advanced hikers and professionals are offered.

For those who prefer a more relaxed approach, Dieter also has something in his program: a walk through the small village Valle Gran Rey in the sunny southwest of the island. Here the focus is on the unique flora of La Gomera. During this one-hour walk Dieter will tell you something about every exotic plant - and there really is a lot of it in Valle Gran Rey.

Hiking with Gomera Guide

Gomera Guide Melanie Ebock

The "Gomera Guide" Melanie Ebock has been offering guided hikes on La Gomera for many years. She is an official and trained hiking and travel guide and has many years of experience in trekking and active travel.

In addition to the hikes listed on the website, Melanie also offers day trips, sightseeing and individual island tours on La Gomera. Individuality comes first with her and so she tries to satisfy every wish of her guests.

Starting point for all hikes is the island capital San Sebastian. From there Melanie leads you over all parts of the volcanic island. Lonely mountain villages, narrow paths with impressive views and romantic paths through palm landscapes make hiking on La Gomera to a very special experience. If required, she will also show you the cult centres of the indigenous people or lead you through the evergreen Garajonay National Park, which covers almost 10% of the entire island and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986.

During the individual excursions and hikes, Melanie will tell you many interesting facts about the origins of the island of La Gomera, its unique nature and the and traditions of the Gomeros.

Especially worth mentioning is the very special "Full Moon Hike". Because so far we do not know any hiking provider on La Gomera who offers such a hike in complete darkness. Here the full moon enthusiasts hike in the late afternoon on the highest mountain of La Gomera, the Alto de Garajonay, which rises impressively 1,487 meters into the clouds. From the top of the Garajonay you have a spectacular panoramic view over the whole island and the Atlantic Ocean. After a short breather, you can watch the sun swallow by the horizon and the moon slowly rise - an impressive natural spectacle.

Melanie is also an official member of the EUROPARC Federation, a Europe-wide network, because she is also a private supporter of the island and its nature. EUROPARC is committed to La Gomera for the protection and preservation of the Garajonay National Park and promotes sustainable tourism on the island.

Hiking with Ipalan

trekking and hiking with ipalan on La Gomera

The small and certified hiking provider Ipalan is based in the municipality of Alajeró. The small municipality of Alajeró is situated high in the mountains above the village of Playa Santiago and is a perfect starting point for hikes all over the island of La Gomera.

Audreym, the owner, is a very experienced hiker and will tell you a lot about the history, culture and nature of the second smallest Canary Island. With her you are really in good hands. With her friendly and open-minded nature she makes it really easy for you and you feel well taken care of right from the beginning. Audrey attaches great importance to high quality hikes in small groups. However, she only speaks Spanish, English and French.

Ipalan Trekking offers various day hikes on the whole island of La Gomera, but also several day hikes and hikes "on request". Who would like to experience an individual and several weeks lasting travelling vacation on La Gomera, can book this also over Ipalan. On request, Audrey will put together a personalised hiking trip to La Gomera for you.

A hike from Chipude to the highest mountain of La Gomera, the Garajonay, is a little demanding and at the same time especially worthwhile. Audrey will take you to Igualero, the highest village in La Gomeras, and from there to the top of the Alto de Garajonay. You will be rewarded with a fascinating and bizarre mountain world, breathtaking views and untouched nature. This hike takes about 4-5 hours and you will have to climb 600 meters until you reach your destination.

No matter which of the offered hiking routes you choose, Ipalan is a real insider tip and you will not be disappointed.

Hiking with Montemar

Hiking Valle Gran Rey with Montemar

The Valle Gran Rey based hiker Montemar would like to offer very individual hikes and island tours on La Gomera.

"We want to differentiate ourselves from the local hikers by not offering standard programmes, but by responding individually to the wishes of our hikers," explains Brigitte Stricker, who has lived on La Gomera for 15 years and shares the ownership of Montemar with Volker Mohns. Together they lead their guests to the remotest corners of the island.

The "standard programme" of Montemar consists of a total of 7 different hiking routes, which are offered daily for groups of three or more people. Even if the hiking routes "The Fairytale Forest", "The Mountain Villages" or "The Garanjonay" seem familiar to them, Montemar's hiking tours clearly show their individuality and love for nature.

For those who have been to La Gomera several times and know most of the hiking routes, the two of them are happy to put together an individual hiking programme for you. With Montemar hikes everyone is in good hands. No matter whether beginner or professional hiker, whether young or old.


Bike rental and tours

Bike rental San Sebastian

Bike rental San Sebastian La Gomera

In the island capital San Sebastian de La Gomera there is a small hidden bicycle rental.

You will find it in the immediate vicinity of the ferry port. If you take the main road towards the port, you will find the nameless bike rental on the right. Nameless because the bikes are rented by the port authority.

They offer simple, but as good as new city bikes for fair prices.

Further information can be found on the website of Puerto deportivo Marina La Gomera. Reservations can also be made by telephone at 0043 922 141 169 or by e-mail. However, the Port Authority only speaks Spanish or English.

Bicycle tours with Gomera Bikes

Bike renting on La Gomera Gomera Bikes

The bicycle shop in Valle Gran Rey (district La Playa) on La Gomera is the only shop that offers electric bikes (E-bikes), scooters and motorcycles in addition to various bicycle tours and the rental of high-quality bicycles.
Who would like to be well advised with the reservation of a bicycle route on La Gomera, which looks best at Kai and Peter in La Playa with Gomera Bikes past.

Cycling enthusiasts who cannot decide between an "active bike tour" or simply a "day at the sea" have the possibility to book the "Bike and Beach Tour", which combines a visit to the highest point of the island, the Alto de Garajonay, with a leisurely snack and bathing stay in the relaxed sunny town of Playa Santiago. On the other hand, those who want to climb up to an altitude of 800 metres are in good hands with the bicycle tour to La Gomera "The Green North". Characterized as a demanding full-day tour, mountain bikers discover the most beautiful and oldest parts of the famous laurel forest El Cedro on a 55 km long route.

However, if cyclists prefer to explore the island on their own, Gomera-Bikes also offers self-guided tours with tour descriptions, GPS treks and transfer organisation.

Kai, the owner of Gomera-Bikes, is especially interested in individual customer orientation:

"It is very important to us that the focus is not on top sporting performance," explains the bike expert, "but rather on providing our customers with a beautiful and fulfilling group experience in addition to the extraordinary impressions of nature and the landscape.

The Bike-Guides are therefore only available in small groups in order to adapt to the individual wishes and demands of our customers.

By the way, Gomera-Bikes is the only bike shop in Valle Gran Rey that offers high quality rental bikes such as city bikes,

Mountain bike tours with Bikers Inn

Mountain bike tours La Gomera

Bikers Inn has been offering professionally guided mountain bike tours and rental bikes on La Gomera for over 10 years.

Axel, the owner and guide of the Bikers Inn, used to ride his own bike races and he even set up his own junior racing team, which was quite successful. You can find the Bikers Inn in the sunny village of Valle Gran Rey, very central in the district Vueltas.

A total of 8 different mountain bike tours with different levels of difficulty and emphasis are offered. Axel also has a suitable tour in his program for the freaks among the cycling enthusiasts: The technically demanding trail tour requires 800 - 1200 altitude meters and a good 45km distance. But don't panic, we also offer tours for beginners. The tours for beginners are more about exploring the island comfortably and experiencing the unique nature.

These are not races, but adventure tours. In the foreground stands the experience humans and nature says Axel, which is besides still examined Mountainbike teacher. And this is the only way we can confirm that.

Who would like to drive simply only a little in the village back and forth, gets in the Bikers Inn also high-quality Cross, Street or Mountainbikes at fair daily prices offered.

Bicycle rental Gomera Cycling

Gomera Cycling La Gomera

Gomera Cycling is a tour operator and bike rent company based in the small fishing village of Playa Santiago, in the municipality of Alajeró.

Jesús and René also offer guided walking tours on La Gomera. They both do their job more than well, because they share a great passion for the island of La Gomera and know the island very well.

Jesús grew up on La Gomera and Rene has been on the island of La Gomera for 9 years. Both now know every hidden corner of the island, so that tourists have the opportunity to get to know La Gomera off the beaten track.

"There is no better way to get to know and understand the contours of the island than by bike," says Jesús, "because you will sweat your way up the slopes and glide down the slopes. And he's right, try it for yourself.

They offer 5 different bicycle tours to all parts of the island of La Gomera.

At Gomera Cycling you also have the possibility to rent a bike on a daily or weekly basis. You can choose between elegant racing bikes, modern mountain bikes, or very high-quality electric bikes and city bikes.

Gomera Activa

Gomera Actica in Valle Gran Rey

City bikes and more

The small shop Gomera Activa was opened in 2012 by David Rodriguez Barrera and is located in the district of Vueltas, directly at the port of Valle Gran Rey.

Here you will find everything you are looking for. For example, you can rent dive equipment, bodyboards and high-quality kayaks at very fair conditions. David is very committed and always happy to give you tips on the way. If required he also offers guided kayak tours or stand-up paddling courses on the Atlantic Ocean, or he gives you an intensive briefing on snorkeling on the harbour beach. The focus on condensation is high on the list, but David only speaks Spanish and some English.

Recently David started to offer simple city bikes. With these one cannot drive into the mountains, but for a round in the Valle Gran Rey they are suitable in the best way.

Discover La Gomera - Nature and Culture

The National Park Garajonay on La Gomera

La Gomera has been declared a UNESCO World heritage Site both for its unique whistle language, known as »El Silbo«, and because its magnificent primeval laurel forest – the »Garajonay National Park«. But they are not the only reasons for culture-lovers to visit this island.

La Gomera has kept many of its unique traditions, such as pottery produced without a wheel, »El Baile del Tambor« (drum-dancing) and the playing of chacaras (castanets). And the island has many other unique spectacles for visitors to enjoy: the Salto de Astia (a kind of pole-vaulting originally used by shepherds), the Juego del Palo (the traditional art of stick-fighting), the Lucha Canaria (Canarian wrestling) and, of course, traditional wood-carving. All of these cultural highlights can be seen at the island’s many craft markets, folklore festivals and agricultural events.

Anyone wanting to learn more about the origins and unique history of the island will find the much to interest them at the »Juego de Bolas« visitor centre, located at the northern entrance to the National Park. From there you can also join one of the many guided walking tours on which you can explore the almost mystical, subtropical laurel forest – definitely recommended! Also well worth a visit are: the Ethnographic Museum in Hermigua, the »Casa Colon« in San Sebastían (a small museum dedicated to the travels of Christopher Columbus), the »Los Telares« folk museum in Hermigua and the Archaeological Museum, housed in the Casa de Los Echevarria in San Sebastían.

La Gomera is also home to the large number of contemporary artists and craftspeople who come to live and work on this fascinating island. Several art galleries of international artists, music and theater events in Valle Gran Rey and San Sebastían de La Gomera enrich the offer at the island. The Gomeros are friendly and helpful people when you get to know them. And they can be seen at their cheerful best at the many festivals throughout the year – for which they do not seem to need much of an excuse! Everyone is made to feel welcome here.

The nature of La Gomera - discover La Gomera
Enjoy the island La Gomera

Acommodations for active holidays

"Casa Rural Risco de Padron"

max. 2 persons
1 sleeping room
Living space appr. 60 m²
from 58,00 per night for 2 pers.
2 4,1 fabulous
In the lovely valley of Vallehermoso about 350 m above sea level, is the "Casa Rural Risco de Padrón" - a wonderful place to relax in a quiet and rural location, to find peace and quiet. Here you can enjoy the wide view of the valley and the mountain »Roque Cano«. The hiking trails are here at your feet and the village centre with its beautiful Plaza, Cafés, restaurants and shops is just 2 km away.

"Casa Rural Presa La Encantadora"

max. 5 persons
3 sleeping room
Living space appr. 100 m²
from 60,00 per night for 2 pers.
2 3,9 fabulous
The big and 100 years old country house Casa Rural "Presa La Encantadora" is situated directly at an idyllic lake. The outdoor area offers a barbecue area with dining table. A real insider tip in Vallehermoso.

Finca "El Anden"

San Sebastían
max. 4 persons
2 sleeping room
from 55,00 per night for 2 pers.
1 5,0 excellent
Ideal for hikers and nature lovers: the holiday home "Casa El Anden" in La Laja above San Sebastian de La Gomera lies directly on the national park. Several hiking trails start directly from the house. A truly beautiful place!

"Finca El Molino Viejo"

max. 3 persons
1 sleeping room
Living space appr. 40 m²
from 59,00 per night for 2 pers.
5 4,7 excellent
The holiday home and finca "El Molino Viejo" is situated in the green valley of Hermigua, in the northeast of La Gomera. The quiet solitary location is surrounded by green banana plantations and fruit trees and close to the village centre.

"Casa Cuenca de Liria"

max. 4 persons
1 sleeping room
Living space appr. 85 m²
from 62,00 per night for 2 pers.
Very well equipped and small holiday home with unique views over the valley of Hermigua to the Atlantic Ocean. The "Casa Cuenca de Liria" is situated in the middle of a cultivated fruit finca.