The Canary Island La Gomera

Map of La Gomera

La Gomera is - like all the other Canary Islands - volcanic origin with a beautiful and very impressive landscape. Almost circular, it is characterized by its highest mountain, the 1487 m high "Garajonay" and the eponymous National Park - one of the last of the remaining subtropical laurel forests. This ecosystem is so unique that in 1981 it was made to a protected park and later (1986) by UNESCO to underline it's importance was the addition of "heritage of humanity".In July 2012 the island of La Gomera was declared a Biosphere Reserve.

La Gomera is an interesting paradise for hikers and nature lovers. The island is located about 300 km off the African coast, and is inhabited by almost 23,000 people in the six communities Agulo, Alajero Hermigua, San Sebastian de la Gomera, Valle Gran Rey and Vallehermoso.

The all year temperate climate, terraced, lush valleys and the black beaches of La Gomera give it a unique character. Those seeking peace, nature and new experiences, will be fascinated by this slightly less than 370 square kilometers Canary Island.

North and East: lush, wild and romantic

The island is in the north and northeast, green and lush, the strong surf, the sea, wonderfully wild and boisterous. Life is quiet and the places unchanged, compaired to for example the livelier Valle Gran Rey in the west of the island. In the East, the tranquil capital San Sebastian is the main port of the island, where the ferry from Tenerife docks several times a day. The ravines (Spanish for Canyon / Valley) are fertile and simular to the known pictures of Bali- developed in terraces for growing fruits and vegetables.

In the north, the village Agulo a real gem, with winding streets and many impressive colonial buildings. Bigger and in a very green, very romantic and fertile valley one finds Hermigua. Below the extinct volcano "Roque Cano" in the beautiful valley, is the community of Vallehermoso. There are very nice neighborhoods for those looking for peace and quiet. They will find starting points for extended wanderings and hikes. With a hire car you can drive to the beach in a short space of time, and enjoy a swim/sunbathing.

The green north of La Gomera
The beacht at Vallehermoso on La Gomera

South and West: sunny, picturesque and bizarre

The south and west of La Gomera is almost always sunny and of bizarre beauty. The sea appears calm here, the spectacular sunsets bathe the cliffs with breathtaking colors. Sun worshiping guests get what they paid for all year round. Most famous is the beautiful Valle Gran Rey (the valley of the Great King) in the far west, which was discovered by early alternative tourists. Today it is a popular destination for young and old. Here are numerous activities, a wide range of cafes and restaurants and even a little nightlife on offer. But the communities of San Sebastian de La Gomera and the quiet Playa de Santiago, where amongst connoisseurs the only highly esteemed golf course on the island is. All are pretty well developed and continue to be very scenic places. For those who mainly want to bathe and sun themselves, they should make their way to the south and west. Even in the winter there is little rain,and is high season for north European tourists.

The nice beach in Valle Gran Rey
The west side of La Gomera

Acommodations for active holidays

"Casa Rural Eliseo"

max. 4 persons
2 sleeping room
Living space appr. 95 m²
from 65,00 per night for 2 pers.
24 4,4 fabulous
Over 100 years old, the beautifully-restored finca" Casa Eliseo" on the outskirts of Alajeró is a farmhouse in the far south of the island. Built on an attractive plot 800 metres above sea-level, the house lies in the middle of terraced fields. The natural stone terrace, which runs the entire length of the front of the house, offers sensational views of the south coast and the deep blue waters of the sea as far as the eye can see.

"Villa Malt"

Playa Santiago
max. 4 persons
2 sleeping room
Living space appr. 130 m²
from 125,00 per night for 2 pers.
17 4,8 excellent
A high quality and well-equipped villa on La Gomera. The luxury accommodation "Villa Malt" offers a private swimming pool, a green outdoor garden and all luxury of first class accommodation. Up to four adults can spend their holidays in this well-kept villa. This modern villa is still an exclusive insider tip on La Gomera!

"El Bajio - 208"

Valle Gran Rey
max. 2 persons
Living space appr. 40 m²
from 79,00 per night for 2 pers.
3 4,8 excellent
The flat "El Bajio" is located directly on the beach of the municipality of La Puntilla. From the small balcony you have an unrestricted view of the sea. In the living- and sleeping area you can only hear the sound of the sea. An charming and very individually furnished flat in the beautiful Valle Gran Rey. A real insider tip in Valle Gran Rey.

Varadero 3 A

Valle Gran Rey
max. 3 persons
1 sleeping room
Living space appr. 60 m²
from 99,00 per night for 2 pers.
2 4,6 excellent
The very modern apartments Varadero are located directly on the beach of Vueltas in Valle Gran Rey. Apartment "3A" has a large terrace with a four-poster bed and panoramic views over the sea. Very exclusive accommodation in the popular holiday resort Valle Gran Rey.