At the sunny side of La Gomera: Alajeró and Playa de Santiago

The southernmost district of La Gomera enjoys plenty of sunshine all year round which is undoubtedly why lovers of beach holidays find it an attractive spot. Very different in character to the lush north of the island, the south is no less attractive. The village of Alajeró itself is situated 810 metres up, close to the laurel forest and within striking distance of a stunningly beautiful gorge. Above the village stands the small chapel, the Ermita del Buen Paso, where every year in mid-September the island’s biggest pilgrimage takes place on the patron saint’s day. In a small side valley near Alajeró stands the only dragon tree still growing in the wild, now over 100 years old.

The resort of Playa de Santiago lies right on the beach with its crystal clear water and is the sunniest spot on the whole island. On the plateau above, in beautiful landscaped setting with stunning subtropical plants, is La Gomera’s only 18-hole golf course – a splash of bright green on an otherwise uniformly reddish-brown landscape. 
Playa de Santiago is made up of four separate districts and has a total of around 1,800 inhabitants. Facilities include a handful of small shops, a bank, a post office and chemist as well as, of course, the usual plaza in the centre of the resort, by the sea. Traditional bars, cafés and restaurants line the small promenade – perfect places to take the weight off your feet and relax a while.

Alajeró is also where you will find the small airport which connects La Gomera to the other islands.

And now – the hippy paradise: Valle Gran Rey

Once a hippy paradise in the far west of La Gomera, Valle Gran Rey is a well-developed tourist centre but still far from over-run with visitors. First discovered by backpackers back in the 1970s, the majestic »Valley of the Great King« still has its alternative scene with meditation centres as well as a wide choice of bars, pubs and restaurants. The unique beauty of the Valle Gran Rey with its many terraces and palm trees is just as enchanting as it ever was as, are the beautiful bays and beaches with their black volcanic sand. Swimming is possible here all year round.

The majority of Gomeros still tend to live in small communities in the upper and middle valleys, such as Los Granados and Lomo del Balo. The area below that, including the villages of Borbalán, El Guro and Casa de la Seda, is surrounded on all sides by lush banana plantations and terraced fields. Still further down is the delightful area known as »La Calera« with its quaint narrow streets and steep steps - a relatively quiet place, despite its central location. Bars and restaurants abound in the nearby La Playa, La Puntilla and Vueltas and the beaches and the port are just a short distance away.

Matching accommodations for sun lovers


Valle Gran Rey - Borbalán
max. 3 persons
1 sleeping room
Living space appr. 55 m²
from 48,00 per night for 2 pers.
Holiday flat "Felizidad" is located in the apartmencomplex "Laurisilva" in Valle Gran Rey, wich has the biggest pool on the island.

"Hotel Playa Calera"

Valle Gran Rey - La Playa
max. 3 persons
1 sleeping room
from 116,00 per night for 2 pers.
4 stars Apart Hotel in La Playa in Valle Gran Rey with pool, breakfast included

"Gomera-Lounge - Casa Romana"

Valle Gran Rey - La Playa
max. 2 persons
Living space appr. 35 m²
from 120,00 per night for 2 pers.
luxury apartment with roof terrace and great view over the ocean in Valle Garn Rey

"Lourdes B"

Playa de Santiago
max. 3 persons
1 sleeping room
Living space appr. 38 m²
from 58,00 per night for 2 pers.
a description follows soon.....

"Dominguez 9B"

Valle Gran Rey - La Calera
max. 4 persons
2 sleeping room
Living space appr. 60 m²
from 48,00 per night for 2 pers.
9 4,3 fabulous
The apartments "Dominguez" offers primarlily, with its twelve apartments an economical accommodation – it’s in the heart of La Calera, the romantic "staircase" of the popular Valle Gran Rey. From all the apartments in the building, you can enjoy the expanse of the sea, the spectacular sunsets and the entire lower valley of Valle Gran Rey.

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